Bridge Bidding Crib Sheet

The No Fear Bridge Crib Sheet (or bridge bidding cheat sheet)  is a comprehensive and easy to follow guide to acol bridge bidding.  It has a summary of the scoring – fundamental to understanding the bidding process.  It comes in two versions.  There is an Acol bidding crib sheet (for players in the UK, Ireland and NZ) and an American Standard bidding crib sheet.

It comes as two pages, each with three columns.  It is easily printed out.  If you print it out back to back, it folds neatly into a 3 fold leaflet which you can keep in your handbag or wallet.  Use it when playing bridge online, or practicing your hands at No Fear Bridge.

If you have joined a bridge class it might be a handy aid for remembering what you have been taught between lessons or when playing practice hands with your class mates.  If you are a member of a bridge club, be sure to ask the club director before using your bidding cheat sheet at club sessions.

If you are playing with friends, especially a group of beginners, you might all want to join NFB and get your copy of the crib sheet.

I’ll now show you a couple of extracts from the No Fear Bridge Crib Sheet:  (If you click on either of the pictures, you will taken to No Fear Bridge UK to sign up for your trial membership, where you will find the cheat sheet in the Handouts section.  If you would like the American standard version, go to No Fear Bridge US)

Acol bridge bidding crib sheet
Extract from bridge bidding crib sheet
bridge bidding cheat sheet
Extract from bridge bidding cheat sheet

Or Click here to sign up for your two weeks’ trial membership of No Fear Bridge and you will find the cheat sheet in the Handouts section of the membership area.