Duplicate Bridge Scoring

Are contract bridge and duplicate bridge the same game? If so, why do they have different names and does that mean that the scoring is different?

Before each game of bridge is played there is a round of bidding.  The bidding decides the “contract” in which the game will be played, hence the name contract bridge.  Examples of a contract are 2 Diamonds or 5 hearts.

Duplicate bridge is the same game with the same rules and scoring. It is played when there a group of players who want to compare their bidding and game play using the same hands as the other players.  It is generally played in a club setting where several pairs of bridge players meet.  The director will have pre-dealt the hands into holders so that each table in the room can play the same hands in rotation.

Each pair is awarded a percentage score so they can see how their performance compared with other players.  You can see how the percentage scores are worked out on the Blueberry Bridge website by clicking HERE.  Duplicate bridge is named as the hands played are duplicated around the room.

Members of an EBU or ACBL accredited club can earn masterpoints.  Regular players can accrue points and work towards becoming a Bridge Master or even a Grand Master.

There is lots more information on masterpoints, on the English Bridge Union website  or the American Contract Bridge League website.

To learn how to score in a game of bridge click HERE.