Bridge Lessons For Absolute Beginners

If you are an absolute beginner, you will benefit from learning some of the complete basics before joining No Fear Bridge.  You will find a series of 12 lessons for absolute beginners at

The twelve beginners bridge lessons are:

Lesson 1 – The Basics – How many cards  you will be dealt and how to add up the points in your hand

Lesson 2 – Basic Jargon. Bridge Terms – the basic terms you need to learn to start understanding the game

Lesson 3 – Opening The Bidding – how to decide who makes the first bid

Lesson 4 – The Contract – what does the final contract mean?  What are trumps, what are No Trumps?

Lesson 5 – Playing The Game – basic card play

Lesson 6 – Opening with a 1NT bid – the easiest opening bid to learn

Lesson 7 – Other Opening Bids – some of the other opening bids

Lesson 8 – The Rule of 20 – can you open the bidding with fewer than 12 points?

Lesson 9 – The Rule of 15 – Opening with fewer than 12 points IF you are the fourth player

Lesson 10 – Responding To A Bid Of 1NT – if partner bid 1NT, what should your reply be?

Lesson 11 – Responding To An Opening Bid Of One Of A Suit – if partner opened with a one of a suit bid, what should your reply be?

Lesson 12 – Bridge Scoring – the key to understanding the bidding – how is a game of bridge score?