Best Way To Learn Bridge

I often liken learning a new skill, to learning to drive.  The more you can practice the quicker you will learn.

Many new bridge players start by enrolling in a local class.  This is a good way to learn – it’s fun, it’s sociable and attending the classes helps motivate you to keep learning.

As I said above, the more you can practice the quicker you will learn.  If you don’t get the chance to practice your new skills between classes you will quickly forget what you learnt.  Each week you will find yourself struggling to remember what you were taught the previous week.

Some bridge clubs run sessions for beginners – but if you are complete beginner  you might not have the confidence to attend club sessions.  Family commitments might make it hard for you to attend club sessions as well as weekly classes.

Help is at hand in the form of No Fear Bridge.  This brilliant site provides a place where you can practice and learn online between your classes.

If your teacher is a member then he/she may be able to provide you with a student discount code.  If they aren’t a member – tell them about the site.  They might like to join so that all your fellow students can also become members.

Once you have joined you will have access to thousands of tutorials, helpful videos, fun practice hands, quizzes, flash cards, guided lesson plans and more.  You can practice what you have learned in your classes in your own time and at your own pace.  You can over an activity as many times as you need to and return to it at any time.

The site is run by an experienced bridge teacher who understands that learners need to learn in a fun environment, at their own pace.

All the activities are graded from beginner through intermediate to advancer.  New hands and activities are constantly being added so there will always something fun and new to learn and practice.

If you are learning Acol bridge (commonly played in the UK, Ireland and NZ) then CLICK HERE to take your trial membership.

If you are learning American Standard bridge, then CLICK HERE to take your trial membership.