Bridge Lessons for Acol Beginners

You will find a series of 12 lessons for beginning Acol bridge players at http://bridge-lessons.blogspot.comm

Start with lesson one, which shows you how to value your hand and then work through each lesson in turn. It might help to have a pack of cards handy so you can deal out the hands that are being talked about. It will also help you get a feel for holding and looking at the cards and working out what you have in your hand.

Moving on to lesson 2 I explain some common bridge jargon and then lesson three tells you how to decide who makes the first bid. The bidding takes place before any of the cards are played.

Bridge is played by four players, playing as two partnerships, and the aim of the bidding is to tell your partner something about your hand, such as the number of points it contains and the spread of the cards between the four suits.

At the end of the bidding you will have decided the contract that the game will be played in. Lesson 4 explains the different types of contract and what they mean.

Lesson 5 tells you how to actually play the cards and then lessons 6 onwards start to teach you the basics of the bidding process. At the time of writing this there are 10 lessons. More will follow soon.

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