Dear Bridge Learner,

Learn to play bridgeDo you want to learn to play Bridge so you can enjoy a game with your friends or your family?

Maybe you already play a little Bridge but want to improve your skills and knowledge so that you can become a better bridge player?

If this sounds like you then I have something to tell you, something that will make you sit up and take notice and help YOU with your bridge game.

My name is Carol Smith and, like you, I enjoy the challenge of improving my bridge skills.

It’s not so long ago that I was always beaten when playing bridge online – even if I was just playing against robots.  Embarrassing and demotivating.

I was thinking of giving up but as an internet addict, I felt there had to be an answer out there and I was determined to find it.  I wanted help to improve my skills and abilities at bridge.

There are hundreds of sites online and lots and lots of information, but I found it hard to find a site where I could practice, learn and have fun at the same time.

It Didn’t Take Me Long To Find THE Site That I Just Have To Tell You About

The Site That Changed My Whole Approach To Learning And Playing Bridge

how to play bridgeTo save you the frustration of hours of fruitless searching I have set up a deal with the site owner, so that you too can improve your bridge game.

The site is packed full of fun activities, handouts, tutorials, quizzes, hands and much more to help you to keep learning and improving.  The site is addictive – believe me, it’s just such fun to see your name on the quiz leaderboards, or study your progress with your personal progress chart.

Ok – just tell me what the site is, I hear you say, so  here it is

join no fear bridge

“It is absolutely the best and most fun place for learning to play acol bridge

This site isn’t open to everyone.  It’s a membership site and only members have access to the fantastic array of topics, hands and guided tutorials which will help you to become the confident Bridge player that you want to be.

UK free trial 2No Fear Bridge is run by an experienced bridge teacher and avid bridge player, so you know that the acol bridge lessons will be fun and easily followed by beginners and improvers. Once you’ve joined the site you will have access to a huge array of activities, including:

  • Topics graded from complete beginner through improver
  • Several interactive “hands of the day”
  • Weekly quizzes for both beginners and improvers – can you get your name on the leaderboard?
  • Personal progress chart
  • Quizzes
  • Handouts you can print out and study
  • Leads training
  • US free trial2Defence training
  • Millionnaires quiz – get points rich!
  • Daily tip
  • A handy Acol bridge bidding crib sheet

Once you’ve joined you will quickly find that your bridge play improves.

I know what you’re thinking – “this sounds expensive”.  Well, you couldn’t be more wrong.  Membership of No Fear Bridge costs around £1 ($1.50) a week.

And Luckily For You There is an Awesome Free Trial Offer For All Readers…This Means You Get a Full Two-Week Membership To No Fear Bridge Completely Free!

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This is a genuine, trial membership.  No credit card details are required for the trial and there is no forced continuity.  You decide for yourself if you wish to continue – but I’m sure you will be hooked!

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I can hardly believe you’ve read this far down the page without clicking to sign up for your trial membership.  If you still need convincing, try this:

If you attend a bridge class – imagine being able to improve your bridge skills between classes and amaze  your tutor and fellow students.

Imagine the reaction of your friends or family next time they ask you to play a game of bridge.

So, what are you waiting for?  Head right over to  No Fear Bridge and sign up for your trial membership right away!

Thanks for reading and I look for to seeing you in the members area at No Fear Bridge,

-Carol Smith


Remember, there is no obligation to this trial.  You have nothing to lose.  You don’t have to “remember” to cancel your membership if you don’t wish to continue.  The trial allows you full access to No Fear Bridge for two weeks.  You are free to cancel at anytime.  If you don’t wish to continue, your membership will expire at the end of the trial, you do not have to do anything.…Click here to claim your free trial membership!